Project Design

Our extensive background in 3D design, combined with more than 25 years of  multidisciplinary angling experience, makes our company the best choice for the highest degree projects

Why choose Lures & Molds for your design projects?

The first and probably the most important point is: we know how to efficiently cut a mold.

But how our machining background is related to our design capabilities?

Nowadays you can easily find highly talented 3D designers with awesome skills, they will make an amazing work for you creating an outstanding bait that stand out from what other bait companies made before, and that’s incredible. But lets talk about the other part of your project… you actually need to produce this particular bait. And on the other hand, cutting costs is a matter of concern for all companies. 

Our designs are:

  • Optimized to be 100% 3 axis milling compatible
  • Optimized to ensure a successful plastic injection
  • Optimized to be cut in less time with a better finishing.

We develop our projects using the best 3d software available and high performance design stations and hardware. Combined with our know-how, we are capable to make the most realistic or complex designs.

Work in Progress – Octopus, Jigging

We work  shoulder to shoulder with our customers, showing you preview and update images during the process in order to achieve the best result.

We also offer with our Project Design service the following options:

  • High quality rendering
  • High quality VIDEO rendering
  • Size adaptation for the designed item
  • Prototype mold and production mold design
  • 3D Files for CAM*

We are used to work with NDAs, 100% project confidentiality ensured.

*If you already have a trusted mold cutting company, we can design your project for you and optimize it to get the best mold finishing and reduce cutting time.
“Mighty Pike” Pullbait design by Lures and molds