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Welcome to our Blog. In this area we’re going to share with you our latest projects and post some relevant information for a better understanding of our business. There are some essential points to have in mind with a custom mold order. All bait companies, if their will is to grow, will eventually face their first custom mold order, this section is here to clear your mind and solve some doubts.

In this first post, we would like to describe our company and services.

Ready for a new business concept? All people related to the industry, including hobbyist luremakers will find in our company products or services suitable to their requirements:

Lure and soft bait companies:

CNC mold for resin casting

We can offer you our design, prototyping and production mold cutting services for lures, soft baits, sinkers or any other product where CAD/CAM is a must. We work side by side with our customers and let them being part of the design process to ensure 100% satisfaction at the end of the project. We already work with some lure brands and we know how important confidential projects are. With us, all your design and projects can be protected with a Non Disclosure Agreement.

DIY stores:

Lures and Molds is here to become one of your best providers and allies. Let our CNC molds for softbaits , hardlures or leads become a big part of your turnover. We are the first company to offer a wide premade aluminum CNC molds for resin injection, your customers will make swimbaits or jerkbaits with an outstanding appearance easier than ever. We are open to any suggestion to develop and offer you the best products for your market.

Fishing tackle suppliers:

Have you ever wanted to offer to your customers your own lures or sinkers? We can help you to improve your profit in a simple and easy way. We can develop your project from beginning to the end, or just give you all the tools and knowledge to make the product by yourself.


Titan-XJ for BSB – Lake Stevens, WA

Luremakers and Hobbyists:

Luremaker, differentiate yourself from the competitors introducing new materials and improving your workflow, easier than ever with our premade molds or even a custom one. You will find a wide range of molds to fulfill all you requirements, and if not, just let us know.


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