Stock Molds

Among many other services and products, we also offer CNC Stock Molds for DIY stores. Our goal is to offer the mold that the market is asking for, so we are not focused on the development of a wide product catalog. We make molds for several countries and different fish species from saltwater to freshwater, our will is to develop the best for you and your customers, just tell us your requirements and we’ll do our best to include the desired product or a similar one in our offer.

Hardlures, Softbaits, soft or hard plastic parts for Hard lures or sinkers, all this kind of molds can be part of our stock molds range.

We are also in position to offer you more than 30 different jerkbait molds for urethane casting. The Hard lure builder no longer needs to be a high skill craftsman, using our molds, blank production has never been so easy, just cast and paint. 

Available in 2 sizes, 10cm and 15cm (custom sizes available)

In accordance with our company policy only retailers are eligible to buy our Stock molds, if you’re not a retailer, please contact us to know your closest supplier.

Full list of retailers will be available soon